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Woolworths’ new promotional campaign aimed at encouraging young Australians to learn how to garden will be available in stores from Wednesday.

The major supermarket has moved away from the controversial plastic collectables of the Ooshies series and towards a sustainability ethos with shoppers able to collect a seedling kit for every $30 spent in store or online.

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The Discovery Garden initiative will allow shoppers to collect a wide range of vegetables, flowers and herbs, including beetroot, carrots, tomatoes and even bok choi.

The campaign is another response to Coles’ Little Shop promotion and takes over from Woolies’ wildly successful Lion King Ooshies when collectors were willing to pay obscene amounts of money for rare toys.

Research from agency T-garage found more than 40 per cent of Australians didn’t grow their own herbs and vegies but 70 per cent said they would like to.

Woolworths fresh food kids program manager Sarah De La Mare said this campaign was a good start for budding gardeners to get their hands dirty.

“Learning about fresh food, where it comes from, how it grows, how long it takes to grow, whether it’s easy or challenging, are all questions that will encourage meaningful discussions at home, at school and even at work,” she said.

“Along with all of the positive mental, physical and economical benefits of gardening, we also want to unearth the joys of growing your own fresh herbs, vegies and flowers — from planting the seedling, celebrating the first sprout through to harvesting and eating what you have grown.

“After planning this program for the past year, we cannot wait for our customers’ gardens to flourish across Australia.”

Landcare Australia chief executive Dr Shane Norrish said it was important children had an understanding of where their food came from.

“A program like the Woolworths Discovery Garden enables children of all ages to learn about biodiversity and how to grow their own food.

“By actively getting their hands dirty to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, Woolworths are empowering the next generation of Australians to create their own living garden at home or at school.

“Landcare plays an active role in helping young people connect with their local environment, and this great initiative from Woolworths will help create Landcarers of the future.”


1. Thyme

2. Basil

3. Coriander

4. Oregano

5. Chives

6. Dill

7. Rocket

8. Chamomile

9. Parsley

10. Kale

11. Cress

12. Onion

13. Lettuce

14. Beetroot

15. Carrots

16. Radish

17. Tomato

18. Cabbage

19. Spinach

20. Bok choi

21. Pansy

22. Viola

23. Dianthus

24. Snapdragons

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