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Bebe O’s Vintage Boutique buys keepsakes of Oliver Hardy

Keepsakes from Oliver Hardy of “Laurel and Hardy” movie fame are now for sale in Fresno’s Tower District.

Those collectibles were recently sold by Hardy’s great nephew.

The treasures that used to used to hang in Oliver Hardy’s closet are now on display at Bebe O’s Vintage Boutique in Fresno.

Laurel and Hardy were a comedy duo act dating back to the early classical Hollywood era of America cinema. Martin Oftedal from Bebe O’s explains how these treasures found their way to the Tower District.

“She was selling it for a friend. Her friend was the last known heir for Mr. Hardy. He had these items. They were cleaning out the house getting ready to sell.”

You’ll find a 1950’s European military overcoat worn by Mr. Hardy. There’s also a letter addressed to Hardy from friends in Tacoma, Washington.

It’s a thank you letter for meeting them when their ship sailed into Long Beach. “It might add a little sizzle to the steak. Being able to prove that it actually belongs to Mr. Hardy and that he wore it is one thing.”

There is also women’s clothing that belonged to Hardy’s third wife Virginia. “We’ll sell one item at a time. Just looking for people that are interested in quality vintage clothing as well as something that may have a little celebrity name tag to it.”

The Hardy collection also includes a travel coffee set and a shine ‘m up shoe polish kit. It’s a snap shot of Oliver and Virginia Hardy’s lifestyle from the 40’s and 50’s.

“It’s a great story and needs to be told and we just love showing these items off. Even if they don’t sell we just love having them, preserving history.”

Two hand woven Native American jackets that date back to the 40’s have already sold.

Oftedal says that sale covered the price of everything he bought.

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